Instrument Software

The GNR Metallab32 instrument software is a full featured package.

The software (Written in Visual C++) runs under any Windows 32/64 bit system including Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Facilities available to the operator include Analysis, Standardisation (both conventional and type methods), Certificate generation and printing, Networking and transmission of results. Sample results may be transmitted to SQL Server.

Remote diagnosis is also available. SPC (Statistical Process Control) is available as an option.

A large database is provided with almost every standard reference material available in Europe and the USA. These include BAS, BCIRA, MBH, Brammer and others. This saves the need in many cases of entering reference material values.

A full easy to use calibration system is present with up to 3rd order curves and also the facility to calculate interference corrections, both line overlaps and matrix effects. The system will look for an interference and propose this which may or not be used.

The software also has the facility included for ‘line substitution’. This means that a spectral line for a particular element will be used when it in an optimum range and then when that range is exceeded it will automatically choose a more appropriate wavelength for that element in the range being measured. This allows a very successful ‘global’ program to be used that covers large ranges (e.g. Cr and Ni in Steels which can vary from 0.01% up to about 30%).

A second database is provided containing metal specifications (Alloys) for example 316L stainless steel. This can be used in the program so that out of limit analysis will be highlighted to the customer. The database can be added to should the need arise to enter customer specific alloy types and limits.

Our team of chemical analysts and technicians are on hand to help advise you on the machine which best suits your needs and provide support and advice on relevant software. For more information please fill out our contact form, email us or phone 0115 937 6686