Solaris CCD NF

Highly Reliable Perfomance with low cost of ownership and fast return on investment – Specific for Non Ferrous Alloys.

The S4 SOLARIS CCD Non Ferrous (SCNF) is an optical multi-channel spectrometer. It is the perfect instrument for the routine analysis of non ferrous metals and alloys.

The S4 SCNF is a high performance bench-top optical emission spectrometer for process control and the chemical analysis of non ferrous metals and alloys with an outstanding price – performance ratio.

Multi High Resolution CCD Systems
Reliable results with high repeteability
Bench Top Compact Chassis (table available as optional)
Easy to use plus Low Cost of Ownership

Due to its innovative design, easy of use and performance, this model has been greatly appreciated by the market.

Available as benchtop or floor model.


Non Ferrous Metals and their alloys
Al: wrought alloys, casting alloys, …
Cu: bronze, brass, cupronickel, …
Mg and Zn alloys

Technical Data

Please refer to the Minilab 300 for the ranges and limits of detection.  Please note that the NF is not suitable for ferrous based analysis as it is an air-path instrument.  This spectrometer has been designed for aluminium alloy analysis.


Solaris CCD Non Ferrous Brochure

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